Friday, 9 January 2015

Light Nude Cut Crease

Cut crease is perfect to create a dramatic look. On this occasion i have chosen to do a light cut crease.
I have stuck to using nudes and used a light brown for my crease. The good thing about this technique is pretty much any colour would work as long as its nice and pigmented.

This sort of look could match any lip colour, i have chosen a light brown to tie in my colour palette.

Rimmel London Foundation
Collection Brow Kit
Eylure Lashes
Pretty Pink Shadow Wheel
Essence 'Oh So Matt' Lipstick


  1. This look is beautiful. I need to work on my cut crease! xx


  2. Love your make-up here, really suits you as well :) xx

  3. Lovely post! :)

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  4. You look great, thanks for following me in bloglovin. I also follow you. xoxo

  5. Your makeup application is incredible!!!! I've nominated you to do the Liebster Award since I think your blog is lovely! Check out my blog post for instructions at xx

  6. I love how fresh this makeup look looks. Very nice :)

  7. I've nominated you for the Liebster award! Follow this link for details Liebster award


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