Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Khaki Trends: Makeup

Khaki green has been one of the most popular colours for spring, and will for sure be going on through summer. I've seen it everywhere from fashion to nails but i haven't seen much inspo for Khaki makeup. For this look i have used earth tones to pair with the green. The eyes look very neutral so i added a bright brown lipstick to finish it off. 


Colourful Rainbow Makeup | Final Jacket

Above is my final jacket that i designed and manufactured for my second year of university. This project was in collaboration with Machine A! My concept was 'fairground' and i had to manipulate this into the Machine A brief. I kept the bright colours to a minimal and decided to influence more of my concept through my styling. 

I wanted to create a grunge/sport feel but with a slight Advant Garde twist. This makeup look is great for anyone wanting to relate their look to a colourful concept or even if you just want to be adventurous! It didn't take many products to create this look, only the base and eyeshadows. Hope i inspired some of you :)


Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Summer Season Makeup

Orange is such a fresh, vibrant colour, ideal for summer time! Highlighting is also a must, to give you that extra glow. This complete look is probably to much for day time depending on how hot it is, but it would be ideal when your off clubbing in Ibiza. To switch this for the day, maybe a pool party ;) i'd go for tinted moisturiser or even bare faced, add a little water proof mascara, pop on the lipstick and your ready to partyyyy....


Thursday, 21 May 2015

Glamours Purple Eyes

Do you ever just sit in your mirror and wonder once your ready, what the hell happened? Not in a bad way of course, but when my mega creative side comes out i tend to do looks which i wouldn't wear out of the house. Suppose it's my way of having fun :) I actually wore the look above to a meal with my boyfriend. The colour is only as noticeable when your eyes are closed or if you blink, so it's a great way to show your fun side without looking like a clown. You can always change up the colours to suit your outfit! If you're wearing such bright colours my fav lipstick option is a nude. It allows all the attention to be on the eyes.


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