Friday, 5 June 2015

Egyptian Princess Inspired Eyes

Hellooo, so i'm not sure if any one of you reading this follow me on Instagram @shannoncarlyle, but if you do then you will notice my blog is slightly behind on pictures. A lot of people keep asking me what products I'm using ect.. So I decided it was time to keep on top of things on my blog. I'm in the process of catching up which is why you'll find my posts are more regular. 

Moving on to the juicy stuff... 
I honestly felt like i was channeling my inner Egyptian princess lol, so many wings going on! I wasn't expecting the green to be as bright and more on the pastel side but i went with it. The colour in the palette looked like a deep turquoise. By the way mind my lips, i woke up and they were mega dry, even vaseline didn't smooth that shiz out!



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